Château Desmirail

Sustainable agriculture

Our terroirs

DESMIRAIL is fortunate to have a range of plots that are well consolidated and spread over three production areas. These three areas are all located on a terroir characterized by deep gravel terroir from the Quaternary period, yet each contributes its own personality to the production of Château Desmirail.
- 9 hectares in Margaux-Cantenac, including an island of 6 hectares adjacent to other prestigious growths, notably Brane-Cantenac, Rauzan-Ségla and Palmer.
- 13 hectares in Soussans, including three blocks of 3.5 hectares or more
- 13 hectares in a single block in Arsac, adjacent to Château du Tertre, another Grand Cru Classé.
A 5-hectare plot in the Haut-Médoc completes the property.

Traditional grape varieties

We grow four of the six Bordeaux grape varieties on these 40 hectares, which also contributes to the complexity of our wines:
Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives the wine its structure and longevity, represents about 50% of the planted area.
Merlot, which contributes roundness, represents about 40% of the planted area.
Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, which represent 10% of the vineyard, play the role of spices in the blend.

Sustainable winegrowing

We apply sustainable winegrowing principles. For decades we have banned all chemical weed control and insecticides.
As a result of this commitment, the property has had High Environmental Value (HEV) certification since the 2018 vintage.

Traditional ageing

At the end of November after blending (a tasting process in which the various wines are selected: Château Desmirail, Initial and even a third wine), most of the year's production is transferred to barrels. The wine remains in contact with wood for a year. During this maturing period, the barrels are regularly topped up and racked to separate the clear wine from the lees.
At the end of this period, the wine, which has been in a combination of new barrels (about 50%) and older barrels, is blended again in vats, where it undergoes a final clarification called fining.
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Château Desmirail
28, Avenue de la Vème République
33460 Margaux-Cantenac
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