Château Desmirail
Château DesmirailInitial de DesmirailIris Pourpre de Desmirail

Initial de Desmirail
Origine de Desmirail

Produced in part from younger vines, Initial de Desmirail (also known as Origine de Desmirail) is the Château's Second Wine. It also undergoes a maturing period in barrels. This is a wine that should ideally be drunk within ten years in order to enjoy all of its qualities. “A pleasant, round wine, enjoyable to drink young", it takes its name from D and L, the current owner’s initials, which appear on the majestic entrance gate and on the pediment of the Charterhouse.
  • Initial de Desmirail
  • Origine de Desmirail
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Château Desmirail
28, Avenue de la Vème République
33460 Margaux-Cantenac
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